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Public Policy

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We research, develop, and advocate for public policies that contribute to the economic success of our region and generate economic opportunity for businesses and people. Our policy priorities are designed to advance Greater Boston's:

  • Global competitiveness
  • Dynamic region
  • World-class talent

Public Policy Priorities


Competitiveness: A strong business climate requires policies that ensure the region remains an attractive place to employ people, foster the area's strengths, and anticipate future business and economic trends. We work to encourage state policies that maintain & strengthen our region's business climate.

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Competitiveness Factor - Transportation: A safe, reliable, thoughtfully planned system that meets current and future demand will allow businesses in the region – and across the state – to grow. We advocate for policies that will improve our transportation systems and infrastructure, statewide.

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Competitiveness Factor - Housing: Affordable housing for middle-income households is critical for our workforce, and should be a part of the region’s strategy to maintain our competitive advantage. We examine regional zoning, land use and other policies that impact the production and cost of workforce housing.

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Talent & Workforce: Investing in and fostering the talent in our current and future workforce will keep Greater Boston a global competitor and create new opportunities for residents and businesses alike. We encourage state policies that prepare and adapt to the future of work and cultivate our workforce and pipeline.

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Health Care: Health care policies must strike a balance between supporting this cornerstone industry and ensuring that world class care is accessible and affordable for all residents. We work to ensure quality care is affordable for the state, business and individuals.

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