Programs & Events


City Awake empowers the next generation of Greater Boston leaders through programming that builds community and engages young professionals in dialogue about the most pressing issues facing our region. Through this work, we hope to deepen their connections to the broader business and civic communities and recognize their important contributions to our thriving economy.

Our Programs

LPH-2017.JPG#asset:2977:smallSpeaker Series

Through our speaker series program, we invite young professionals to participate in discussions with leaders in business, government and nonprofit sectors. Invited speakers share their stories, offer insights into topical issues, answer questions, and provide words of wisdom in a laid-back setting. Recent speakers include: former Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall, former Senator Mo Cowan, Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, and CEO & President of Big Brothers Big Sisters Massachusetts Bay, Wendy Foster.


Networking Nights

Held bi-annually, our Networking Nights are laid back events meant for attendees to simply enjoy great company, conversation, food and drink with fellow next generation Greater Boston leaders.


Fierce Urgency of Now: Energizing Millennials of Color to Unlock Boston's Promise

City Awake partnered with The Boston Foundation last year on a report - City of Millennials: Improving the Future Prospects of our Region and Its Young Adults - that validated a sentiment that has long been present in Boston: young people of color have an experience in Boston that diverges from their white peers. 

The cornerstone of our strategy will be Fierce Urgency of Now: Energizing Millennials of Color to Unlock Boston's Promise (#FUNinBOS), a community-driven experience taking place September 20th-24th, 2018. City Awake will convene organizations to host a community festival with the objective of highlighting the experiences, challenges, and possibilities for millennials of color in our city. The festival will include up to 30 events hosted over a 5-day period. 

We are accepting submissions to host or lead an event during this community-driven festival. Check out our Request for Event & Venue Proposals here.

For more information about Fierce Urgency of Now, click here.

Our Convention for the Next Generation 

Our Convention is the largest convening for millennials in Greater Boston where we will attract 500 emerging leaders to discuss the important issues focused on the region. With a mix of workshops, fireside chats, keynote speakers,  and more, we will convene, inspire and mobilize the next generation of Greater Boston leaders.

TOYL_logo.png#asset:2978:smallTen Outstanding Young Leaders

Each year, we honor ten of the region’s current and emerging young leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors who have demonstrated a commitment to improving the civic and business environment and the quality of life in Greater Boston. Past winners include Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu, MassChallenge Co-Founder Akhil Nigam, and Paralympic Athlete, Dr. Cheri Blauwet.

001-City-Awake.jpg#asset:2979:smallCamp City Awake

Remember your favorite moments at summer camp? S'mores, kayaking and campfires. Now imagine this as an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to truly connect over a campfire and find solutions to the most frustrating issues facing Greater Boston. Think civic action and kickball. Join 100 twenty-and-thirty-something leaders for a weekend aimed at improving Greater Boston and staying inspired.


City Awake is about so much more than networking. We work to understand the makeup of Greater Boston’s millennial and young professional population, their perceptions of Boston and their experiences living and working in this region. All of this information helps the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce advocate for policies and initiatives that make Greater Boston the best place for young professionals to start and grow their careers and businesses. City Awake examines and brings to light the policy issues that affect young professionals, such as affordable housing, transportation, and economic opportunity, to make an impact on these issues through informative reports, insightful panel discussions, and creative projects designed to amplify the voice of millennials.  

REPORT: City of Millennials: Improving the Future Prospects of Our Region and Its Young Adults

In 2017, we partnered with the Boston Foundation on a research report called City of Millennials: Improving the Future Prospects of our Region and Its Young Adults. The report shows that Greater Boston’s millennial population is more racially and ethnically diverse and more educated than any wave of young adults before, but that housing and economic mobility are persistent challenges impacting how this population experiences life in our region. The report provides an overview and analysis of trends among Greater Boston’s young adult population and examines key findings from a new survey of local millennials conducted by Boston Indicators and City Awake, a program of the Greater Boston Chamber. The goal of the report was to gain a baseline understanding of millennials’ perceptions and challenges in order to guide future work addressing these concerns. Read the Report

Storytellers Project 

City Awake has recently partnered with Dear World to capture the voices and stories of young adults of color in Greater Boston. Dear World is an internationally recognized storytelling and portrait project based out of New Orleans and has taken over 60,000 portraits and been featured on Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed and CNN. In partnership with City Awake and Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Dear World is here to capture and share the lived experience and personal stories of the greater delegate community, specifically voices that aren’t often heard: Communities of Color. By sharing the individual stories and experience, this projects will highlight the diversity and depth of communities of color through sharing their lived experiences.