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Martha Acworth

Chief Marketing Officer, Salem Five Bank
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I’m a big proponent of sending Salem Five employees to Chamber Leadership programs. I love to see how it can fast-track their careers.


After starting her career in sports marketing and commercial real estate, Martha Acworth began her banking career working out of the Boston office of a national bank based in Cleveland. Knowing she wanted to create stronger ties to the Boston business community, a mentor suggested the Chamber’s Boston Future Leader’s program as the best way to forge connections and gain leadership skills. “The Chamber became my link to Boston’s business community,” says Martha. “I made many strong and beneficial connections that I have to this day.”

Martha further developed many of those relationships when she started working at Salem Five Bank eight years ago as chief marketing officer. “I was able to immediately leverage the local connections I made at the Chamber and bring that value to my new position at Salem Five,” she says. With 30 branches across the region and over 4 billion in assets, Salem Five has grown into one of the most significant banks in the region and one of the largest mortgage lenders in the state. 

Seeing the value of the Chamber in her professional development, Martha became more involved through the Chamber’s Women’s Network and eventually chaired the Women’s Network Advisory Board. “Today, I’m a big proponent of sending Salem Five employees to Chamber Leadership programs. I love to see how it can fast-track their careers.”

Even though she attends industry events and conferences, Martha enjoys having access to the diverse and collaborative cross section of the business community that makes up Chamber membership. “Being able to share perspectives across industries in such an open and honest way is rare, and tremendously helpful,” says Martha. “It gives your organization a constant pipeline of fresh perspectives.”

“In our hectic over-scheduled lives, there are a lot of smart things you can decide are worthwhile investments of time for your company, your career, or your own personal enjoyment. The Chamber delivers on all of these levels at once.”