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Corey Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Rapid7
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The Chamber is clearly focused on bringing together diverse viewpoints to help Boston's technology ecosystem thrive.

Corey Thomas, CEO Rapid7

Based in Boston, Rapid7 is fast becoming a world leader in cyber security and one of Boston’s most important tech companies. Rapid7 CEO, Corey Thomas says the Chamber is an important part of his company’s growth and the overall success of the Boston-area tech community. “The Chamber has allowed me to expand my perspectives and help influence the issues that I think are important to creating a thriving technology ecosystem in Greater Boston,” says Corey.

Rapid7, a data and analytics company focused on cyber-security, provides businesses and organizations with the visibility, insights, and controls they need to manage their technology evolution needs as they grow and become more technologically advanced.

“We have a technology ecosystem in Massachusetts that’s a valuable part of the business community, and making that community stronger requires everyone’s effort, focus and attention,” says Corey. “The Chamber is clearly focused on bringing together those diverse viewpoints to help Boston's technology ecosystem thrive.”

As an active member of the Chamber, Corey serves on the Board of Directors, the Membership Committee and was co-chair of the Chamber’s Annual Meeting. “My interaction with the Chamber has allowed me to learn more about the issues affecting the technology community in Boston, and the business community overall.” Corey also sees high value in the Chamber being both a leading convener of the business community and a strong voice on public policy issues. “There are going to be issue areas where not every part of the business community agrees, but the Chamber is the most constructive forum where we can all hash it out and find the most common ground.”

From his involvement with the Chamber, Corey sees positive changes underway to diversify the membership to better reflect the industries and people driving our economy. “It’s clear the Chamber is focused on building a more diverse and broad membership in every way including different industries,  the next generation,  small businesses and people of different backgrounds and perspectives,” he says. “That’s a huge value of the Chamber because it helps make Boston the hottest place for talented people to thrive, and that’s good for Rapid7 and good for the tech community.”