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Chef Tiffani Faison: Her Recipe for Success at the Women’s Network Breakfast

Posted by Lydia Zepeda on March 07, 2019

Boston's restaurant owner and Top Chef, Tiffani Faison gave tips for success at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women's Network Breakfast, Read on!

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s sold-out Women’s Network breakfast was buzzing with upbeat energy as members of Boston’s business community gathered to hear from Chef and restaurateur, Tiffani Faison.

In addition to being a fantastic Chef, she is also an incredible storyteller. Tiffani shared her incredible journey into the culinary world- all while sharing a few good laughs.

Chef Faison opened the forum by talking about her first steps into the restaurant industry. What began as a recovery from a bad breakup, Tiffani began to pursue jobs as a food runner, table busser, and bartender until she found her path to a career filled with risk taking and self made opportunities.

Advocate for yourself-- Don’t be afraid to ask for the tools you need to succeed

Tiffani admitted having struggles in the kitchen early in her career due to informal training, but her determination to succeed pushed her to continue moving forward. “I remember seeing the kitchen, which was chaos, but I was drawn to it,” she recalled. This prompted her to begin seeking resources to succeed. She was proactive in asking for help and sought mentors to teach her certain culinary techniques which propelled her along the path she intended for herself.

 Your definition of success can’t be contrary to who you are, personally and professionally

After her appearance on Bravo TV’s Top Chef, she began working her way up restaurant industry ranks by cooking in prestigious kitchens across the country. While working in various kitchens, Tiffani realized two important lessons, “I worked in a lot of kitchens that were culturally bankrupt. That stuff happens in kitchens, but not mine.” After recognizing the type of environment she wanted to work in, she realized that, “Your definition of success can’t be contrary to who you are, personally and professionally.” This then prompted Tiffani to take her biggest leap of faith and open her own restaurant in 2011. 

Don’t let your mistakes define you

Tiffani now runs and owns three widely popular restaurants in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Despite her successes- she was honest about the hardships that often come with running a business. Her advice: “Give yourself 10 minutes. Go freak out, scream, cry, whatever you need to do and then get on with it.” Tiffani’s humility and honesty was a refreshing reminder that mistakes happen, but it is important to not let our mistakes define us.

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