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Women's Leadership Program Participant Profile: Jackie Ng

Posted by Katie Hauser on February 02, 2016

Name: Jackie Ng
Title: Café Ambassador
Company: Capital One Bank
Program: 2015-16 WLP

What’s the coolest part of your job?
Being the face of the Capital One brand - advocating for our customers and educating them so they can reach their financial goals through our online tools. I also help make a difference through active relationship building with our local businesses and community, bringing people together through community events, financial literacy classes, and networking opportunities. An example is the peer driven social happy hour I created with my core peers from the Chamber Women’s Leadership Program. It was a great way to support the Chamber, as well as bringing both cohorts together to mingle in a more relaxed setting at one of the Capital One Cafés.

Who do you admire in the business world?
Sir Richard Branson! He has both a bold business sense and a desire to give back to the world. He once said he starts a business only if it will improve people’s lives. I am glad that I have that opportunity today to do both: drive the future banking to our customers and improve the well-being of our local communities.

If you could have any job in Boston, other than your own, what would it be and why?
I would be a marketing strategist for a Fortune 100 company to help develop and execute strategic marketing plans that prioritize the customer and the community needs in any service or technology provided. I am engaged when I am challenged and when I can use my creative thinking to add value to the bigger picture.

What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?
“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.”

How can young professionals expand their networks and increase their impact in Boston?
First, understand what you are passionate about and what you would like to achieve through networking. Second, identify professional groups in your workplace, social circle, and community that offer networking opportunities to grow and partner with each other. Through these social settings, learn more about the people you connected with a personal level, and then combine your passions and drive for a cause that you really care about.

What reading material is on your nightstand?
I follow The New York Times and Business Insiders articles very closely on my phone. I don’t have a nightstand, so I usually have one book on hand at a time. It is currently Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi.

You are just about half way done with the Women’s Leadership Program? What is your biggest takeaway so far?
The Women’s Leadership Program provides a safe haven for me to network with women who share great ambition. My biggest takeaway is the importance of having a support group on one’s career journey, so we can lean in and inspire each other to achieve great success together. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to be part of such a diverse group.