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Welcome Justin Kang and City Awake

Posted by Katie Hauser on May 31, 2016

We recently announced a new strategic collaboration with City Awake, a social enterprise organization, and welcomed its founder and executive director, Justin Kang, as the Greater Boston Chamber’s new Director of Social Innovation.

Justin’s vision for Boston is to remain and be recognized as the best place in the world for social innovation. He believes, and we do too, that Boston’s thriving innovation ecosystem and our city’s historical commitment to social progress has allowed our region to become a leader in social enterprise.

City Awake taps these strengths to convene leaders to solve the toughest issues facing our region through public events designed to build community across different issues and difference sectors, and celebrate Boston as the best city to start a nonprofit and social enterprise. One key focus of City Awake is to generate new ideas and facilitate dialogue among young business professionals through programs focused on how these next generation leaders can use innovation, entrepreneurship and business acumen to solve pressing social issues and increase economic opportunity for all.

At the Chamber, we believe in Justin’s vision and know that the Boston business community believes that social responsibility should be an integral component to every career and business strategy.

Through this new collaboration, City Awake and the Boston Chamber will continue and grow this tradition, while ensuring that social innovation is broadened to the point where everyone in Greater Boston is empowered to contribute to the bold ideas necessary to solve the social issues of our communities.

We are excited to see what this collaboration will bring! You can learn more about our partnership here, and visit cityawake.org to learn more about City Awake and view upcoming programs.