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[re]Meet City Awake.

Posted by Dani Curry on October 03, 2017


Today, we announced that we’re taking our young professional programming to the next level.

Allow us to [re] introduce City Awake, the Greater Boston Chamber’s program that empowers next generation leaders through community-building programming and engages them in dialogue about the most pressing issues facing our region.  The Chamber is harnessing all of the awesome that was the Young Professionals Network and City Awake OG, bringing it under the City Awake name and expanding that awesome to include new programming, initiatives, and thought leadership. Ultimately, we’re working to deepen young professionals’ connections to the broader business and civic communities, while also celebrating their important contributions to our thriving economy. 

Through City Awake, we’re connecting with a purpose, including working together to examine and shine a light on policy issues impacting young professionals such as affordable housing, transportation, and economic opportunity. Most importantly, we’re activating young professional voices and ideas in the solutions needed to keep Boston strong far into the future.

Some history: In 2013, founder Justin Kang built City Awake as a social enterprise organization to make millennial voices heard in Boston. He found that millennials needed their own AARP-like community to connect across sectors, industries and neighborhoods in this region. He created City Awake based on the common ground that millennials care, but for some reason weren’t always found at community meetings or at the polls. At City Awake, passionate young Bostonians met together, heard from other young leaders, and shared their ideas for Greater Boston. 

Since 2015, YPN at the GBCC has connected young professionals in Greater Boston through convening and programs designed to build leadership skills and connect young leaders with each other and established leaders from member organizations. YPN provided opportunities for millennials interested in taking on a leadership role in their organizations.

anigif_enhanced-20067-1404748281-31.gifBasically, City Awake and YPN are like peanut butter and chocolate. Ross and Rachel. Red and Sox. They’re just made for each other.

You’re right, change can sometimes be scary. But we see nothing to fear, because we only go big from here. City Awake is improving the same programs you know and love. That means approachable events – for Chamber members and non-members alike – where you can talk to each other, learn from emerging and accomplished leaders, and speak up about the issues you care about. And you can leave your blazer at the office. Unless it makes you feel fabulous. 

Linda Henry shared with us last week that Boston is a big city but in many ways, a small town. And we couldn’t agree more. We know that the more connected our young leaders get to each other, to established leaders, and to their city, the stronger Greater Boston will be for future generations to come. 

So join us young leaders! City Awake starts now. See all upcoming City Awake events here.