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Pacesetter Spolight: Quality Interactions

Posted by on March 15, 2019

Meet the CEO of one of our Pacesetters Priority Suppliers, Michele Courton Brown, of Quality Interactions.

Quality Interactions is a multi-pronged platform providing online cultural competency training for healthcare organizations to improve patient safety and health outcomes.

What is the mission of Quality Interactions?

Healthcare disparities are a well-documented and costly reality, accounting for 30% of direct medical expenditures. Hospitals and health plans are changing their policies and reimbursement practices to address racial and ethnic differences in health outcomes. Studies show improved communications between patients and health providers reduces costs by 5%.

What is the story of your company? 

QI’s portfolio of over twenty five eLearning courses prepare health-care professionals to anticipate and navigate common cross-cultural issues that contribute to healthcare disparities. QI eLearning is a scalable, economical training model that is supported by assessment tools, consultations, leadership training, and an online resource site. Our products are based on the renowned research of our three co-founders and utilize actual patient cases that apply concepts to on-the-job scenarios. 

How did the company get started?

Company co-founders Dr. Joseph Betancourt, Dr. Alexander Green, and Dr. J. Emilio Carrillo are internationally recognized experts in the field of health disparities. Together, they combined their knowledge to our content development process. Their research and evidence based products offer our users an interactive and engaging learning experience.

What have been your major successes?

We are proud of our client roster which includes hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and medical schools across the country.

What are some challenges you have faced as you grew your business?

All businesses have challenges, we are no different. Our goal is to expand and meet the evolving cultural competency requirements for pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, and others within the healthcare industry. 

What are your goals for Quality Interactions over the next five years?

We hope to grow our revenue by ten times within five years.

How do you plan on making a difference in the region?

Despite medical advances, costly health disparities continue to persist in the form of higher hospital re-admissions and medical errors. We aim to offer our training to more healthcare professionals in our region in order to improve patient experience, health outcomes, and reduce risks.

Why are you interested in the Pacesetters program?

This innovative program can extend the reach of our business development team. As part of the Pacesetters program we are able to build valuable new connections with companies who are seeking our products and services.

Have you done work with any of the Pacesetters?

I attended a special Pacesetter event featuring supplier diversity executives from companies within the Greater Boston area.

Our Pacesetters Initiative is a partnership of large and mid-sized Greater Boston Chamber member organizations who have committed to increase the number of contracts and dollars spent with local minority-owned businesses.

You can learn more about our Pacesetters Initiative here.