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Honoree Guest Post: Winslow Technology Group Talks Tech

Posted by Allison Chase on September 29, 2016

We asked Small Business of the Year honoree Winslow Technology Group to tell us how technology is shaping and influencing how they do businesses. Here’s what they had to say!

We saw a huge spike in our sales revenue this summer when, much to our surprise, $60 billion IT giant, Dell Technologies of Austin, TX, featured SMB Winslow Technology Group LLC (WTG) in their June Annual Report to their customers. The report, which Dell sends electronically to over 250,000 customers, included a 13 minute interview with Scott Winslow, President and Founder of the Winslow Technology Group and highlighted WTG as Dell’s Northeast Partner of the Year. One of Dell’s key channel executives, Cheryl Cook, tweeted out the good news about WTG. Our Manager of Marketing, Lori Wilkins, quickly retweeted Cheryl’s comments to our followers and kept the social media momentum going. WTG saw a significant and almost immediate increase in our June and July order rates as a results, much of it coming from new customers. What we discovered is that while WTG is only a 30 person company, we can appear to be a much larger organization when we have earned the trust and support of a company like Dell.

Beyond social media impact, Winslow Technology Group has been a technology leader in promoting “Green IT” by providing solutions to our clients that reduce power, heating, cooling, and foot print in the data center. One classic example is server virtualization. Prior to the advent of server virtualization, companies added servers to their network as they added applications – exponentially increasing their electric bill. Winslow Technology Group partners with companies like EMC with VMware, Microsoft with HyperV, and Nutanix with AHV, to reduce the sprawl of servers in the data center. Combining the hardware and software solutions from these OEM providers with Winslow Technology Group expert professional services for local deployment and integration, we are having a big impact on the environment. We are dramatically reducing power, healing, cooling, and weight requirements for our customers.

This post is a part of a series of posts written by the 2016 Small Business of the Year honorees. Stay tuned for more insights from our honorees leading up to the October 6th event.