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Her Day in the Life of Leslie Walstrom: Head of North America Marketing

Posted by Katie Conroy on April 21, 2020

Leslie Walstrom is vice president, head of North America Marketing for Columbia Threadneedle Investments. In her role, she is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategy to drive awareness of the Columbia Threadneedle brand and our investment management capabilities with institutions, financial intermediaries and investors.

  • How did you start your day?

Trying to keep my usual during the week schedule and activities – today, up at 4:45 on the Peleton Bike followed by 20 mins of yoga from an app, showered, dressed and ready for work by 7am.  


  • What did you have for breakfast?

Peanut butter and honey toast, with coffee.


  • What does your “home office” look like?

 I share my office with our spinning bike – when my husband wants to ride, I have to vacate!  


  • How are you communicating with your team(s)?

In general, my leadership team has made an effort to communicate often and reach out to people frequently.  We have dramatically increased our use of video calls through Skype (both for meetings and individually) – I am really proud of the way the team (including me) have lost their self-consciousness about being on video conferences – everyone really wants to see each other and connect. We have also established a Sharepoint site we’re calling the “Water Cooler” to share WFH tips, talk about what we’re binging on Netflix, etc.


  • How is COVID-19 changing your current life/role/perspective?

It has made me appreciate my colleagues – everyone is supporting each other, everyone is making a huge effort to stay connected and empathetic. Personally it is making me appreciate so many things I take for granted – stopping by a colleague’s office to chat, going out for dinner, seeing comedy shows, visiting family and friends, travelling, etc.