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Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce discusses AI Technology partnership with Montreal and Pittsburgh

Posted by Tia Thompson on March 27, 2019

Over forty professionals from Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Boston joined us in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory on Monday to partake in a group discussion around AI and other emerging technologies. The Greater Boston Chamber hosted leaders from across a variety of sectors, including venture capital firms, workforce training programs, tech companies, city government, and start-up companies and incubators.

The purpose of this meeting was to understand each city's trends, pain points and opportunities with next-generation technology. Further, this convening facilitated the generation of ideas for further regional collaboration between our three cities to tackle bleeding edge socio-technological issues. 

Given the complementary strengths and strong academic institutions of Boston, Montreal, and Pittsburgh our discussions brought up key areas of focus for a tri-city partnership:

  • Supporting innovation: We plan to create a programmatic initiative to support the network of entrepreneurs within each of our cities, particularly focusing on how to combine academic research with business expertise to form truly innovative start-ups
  • Branding: We plan to build a cohesive brand across the three locales to attract and retain talent and investment. 
  • Ethics & Policy: We will further consider how to best foster technological innovation through an ethical lens, including how our three cities can codify AI ethics into shared guidelines. 
  • Future of Workforce: We will focus on how we can train our talent pool for jobs that don't yet exist. Diversity and equity will remain a key factor in all initiatives spawned by the collaborative as we acknowledge the underrepresentation of women and minorities within the tech industry, as well as the immediate impact on the current workforce from the rise of new technologies.