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Fighting injustice and creating an inclusive environment: Comcast’s social impact

Posted by Trevor Arp, Senior Vice President, Greater Boston Region on August 04, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion at Comcast has long been woven into our corporate DNA and we strive to infuse it into all aspects of our culture and our business. But as an organization, we know that growth in this arena means a willingness to constantly reflect and reevaluate. As members of the Boston business community committed to addressing social justice, we are eager to learn, listen, respond, and contribute as a company.  

In June, Comcast NBCUniversal announced a three-year plan to allocate $100 million to fight injustice and inequality against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability. We’re focusing on four core areas that will help us create a more inclusive environment both internally and externally: 

1. Social Justice: We will partner with, and provide significant grants to, organizations working to eradicate injustice and inequity. Organizations will include but not be limited to: the National Urban League, the Equal Justice Initiative, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the National Action Network and the Community Justice Action Fund. This support is in addition to the existing commitments our company currently makes to thousands of organizations supporting underrepresented communities through our Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation and social impact programs.

2. Awareness & Education: We will put the full weight of our company’s media resources behind highlighting Black voices and Black stories and educating our viewers on diverse and inclusive environments, perspectives and experiences, by making anti-racism education and inequality awareness a top priority.

3. Digital Equity: We will deepen our company’s long-standing commitment to addressing digital inequities, which disproportionately impact communities of color. Since 2011, Comcast’s Internet Essentials has connected more than eight million low-income people to the internet at home. In addition, we are scaling up our pledge to provide digital skills training to young people and to upskilling adults with the aim of improving economic mobility with organizations such as Black Girls Code and BUILD.

4. Employee Impact: Like many other Chamber members, we’ll continue to advance diversity & inclusion with our teammates. Here are some specifics of how we’re fostering inclusive environments:

  • We will continue to listen, learn and capture what we are hearing from employees to help guide our path forward. For example, we held a virtual Town Hall meeting last month in the Greater Boston Region where hundreds of employees from all operating areas and levels of the business came together in a safe space to share and hear moving, personal stories, ask questions, and offer support and allyship.
  • We have assembled an ongoing D&I Speaker Series featuring renowned experts such as Dr. Ibram X. Kendi to discuss topics such as anti-racism and being an ally.
  • We will continue to add training and learning opportunities aimed at starting conversations and building awareness, sensitivity and action.
  • We will invest in further resources for our seven Greater Boston ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). Our approach with ERGs has always been “you don’t have to be to belong” which has been a galvanizing force for allyship.
  • Additionally, we will focus on accelerating our efforts to recruit, develop, advance and support people of color.

We know that Comcast alone can’t remedy this complex issue. These efforts will take time. But we’ll hold ourselves accountable, and we’ll continue to share our learnings and actions in the hopes that it might inspire additional positive change in workforces and communities across the Commonwealth and across the country.

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