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Executive Leadership Institute Participant Profile: Matthew Day

Posted by Katie Hauser on February 02, 2016

Name: Matt Day
Title: SVP, Network Payment Innovation & Contract Management
Company: Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
Program: 2016 ELI

What’s the coolest part of your job?
Healthcare is changing so rapidly, with more attention, energy, data, and thought than ever focused on truly transforming the system for the better. I have been fortunate to work on changing the way healthcare is delivered and paid for to almost one million members. That work has spurred and supported similar conversations and transformations across the U.S. and the world. Taking on a challenge as fundamental as healthcare and seeing real results is very cool.

You work in healthcare one of our region’s most important and prominent sectors, what drew you to this field?
Coming out of college, getting into healthcare was unintentional – almost a coin toss between being a healthcare or pension actuary. After that, I never looked back. I am motivated and inspired by the profound personal impact our healthcare system has on every one of us. Working within to make things better and deliver quality care at an affordable price is a responsibility I take seriously – it gets me to work and energizes me throughout the day.

Best piece of career advice you have ever received?
Have enough confidence to believe you have the best solution to the problem and enough humility to recognize when you do not. Balancing belief in yourself with openness and value for the input from your teammates is something I continue to come back to in my career.

How can young professionals expand their networks and increase their impact in their communities?
For community involvement and impact, follow your passion – for one person that may be food security, for another, homelessness. Many challenges face our city, our country, and the world. Talented professionals giving their time, money, and energy to causes they deeply care about will move us all towards a better future.

In building a business network, curiosity can be a starting point leading to a dialogue – be curious about someone else’s job, company, community, and experience. More likely than not, a connection will be made and fostered somewhere down that path.

What reading material is on your nightstand?
At home, I tend to relax with books on my hobbies more than industry or business reading – furniture-making tops the list. I’m finishing up “By Hand & Eye” by George Walker and Jim Tolpin – an excellent book on designing furniture. However, to keep current and get the story behind the headlines, I enjoy WBUR.org (especially the Commonhealth section) and NYTimes.com.

You have just begun the Executive Leadership Institute – what is one goal you have for your participation?
While I am very excited to go “back to the classroom” and explore pertinent issues facing Boston and its businesses, what I most look forward to is making deep connections with other city leaders. The network that comes from shared experiences over a year-long program like ELI is a rare privilege that will be invaluable far into the future.