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Event Recap: Senator Ed Markey Government Affairs Forum

Posted by Terence Burke on July 12, 2017

Senator Ed Markey opened his remarks at the Chamber’s Government Affairs Forum by highlighting Massachusetts' smart business plan, which he laid out as:

- Draw the brightest students to our universities;

- Provide them with resources to create innovative startups when the graduate;

- Make sure they have an educated workforce to support their businesses; and

- Ensure that these businesses have access to the energy, skills, and knowledge found through our immigrant population.

However, this plan, according to Senator Markey, is at risk if the Trump administration’s budget is passed in its current state. “The president’s budget puts a target on Massachusetts’ back in terms of our strengths,” said Markey.

He went on to warn that the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to NIH funding would be devastating to the Commonwealth, which receives $2.5 billion in NIH funding, making it the largest per-capita recipient state in the country. Senator Markey asked the business community to keep pushing back against these cuts and acknowledged the Chamber’s efforts in leading the national Business for Federal Research Funding Coalition to Washington D.C. to make the case for preserving the research funding levels. 

Senator Markey also spoke about the importance of the clean energy sector to Massachusetts and the negative impact on our economy that could result from the country rolling back its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “Massachusetts has 100,000 jobs in the clean energy sector,” said Markey “50,000 new jobs in the solar sector alone……Our future employment is in the clear energy sector.”

You can watch Senator Markey’s speech before the Chamber’s Government Affairs Forum sponsored by Bank of America and recorded by our media partner Comcast below.

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