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Guest Post: Digital Marketing and SEO Tips to Grow Your Business Presence Online

Posted by Nurudeen Tijani, Founder & CEO, TitaniumClicks Media on May 10, 2018

Nurudeen Tijani is Founder and CEO of TitaniumClicks Media, an internet advertising and media company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He is an internet entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who has been creating on the web since 2010. He has founded two successful companies, a premier Fitness & Health online membership club and a Digital Marketing consulting firm.

Would you like to improve the visibility and online presence of your business? Employing the right SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing tactics can help achieve optimal visibility of your company’s products and services.

Search engine optimization – the process of creating useful content as well as getting authority links to your website – is among the best digital marketing methods you can employ to achieve great return on investment. Following are tips you can implement to achieve the best results:

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

Nowadays many internet users use mobile devices when browsing the web – some people even prefer them to traditional desktops for the features they allow. For example, they can access the internet from any location. As a way of availing the right content to internet users, Google has started giving privilege to mobile versions of webpages. The desktop versions are still indexed, but you should ensure your website is mobile-friendly, considering Google gives priority in its search engine to mobile-friendly websites.

Increase Your Website’s Speed

The speed of your website also matters. Google uses several parameters to rank a website, and a fast loading website will tend to rank high if all other factors are kept constant. To increase your ranking and hence, your visibility, you should ensure you have a speed optimized website. Some simple things you can do to increase your website load speed include leveraging browser caching, using a CDN, and optimizing images.  

Ensure Your Website is Secure

Securing your website is another method you can use to increase traffic. As the importance of cybersecurity gains traction in the media, people are becoming more concerned about their online security. Use of HTTPS makes people trust a website, as it is an indication that the webpage secure and safe. In July 2018, Google will begin to mark websites without HTTPS as unsecure, which may deter new visitors, potential customers, and current clients from using a website if it is not HTTPS enabled. It is essential to take the required steps and enable HTTPS so that your website can gain the necessary traffic and maintain a good reputation.

Improve Your Local Search Presence with Business Citations

Local business citations will indicate basic information about your business such as location, physical address, and phone number (NAP). Use of the local citation helps in increasing your online presence, as many people search for products or services near them. A business can benefit from such internet users if they have business citations. Google My Business, Yelp, and Superpages, among others, are some of the popular citation directories of which you can take advantage.

Utilize Website SEO

SEO can dramatically increase the online presence and visibility of a business of any size. A search engine optimized website will ensure potential customers or clients searching for your products and services can easily find your business via Google search results. The right way to achieve the best results in search engine optimization involves creating useful content which people can naturally link back to your website. The best SEO experts can ensure a successful digital marketing and SEO campaign for you.