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Guest Post: A Company Retreat to Stimulate Creativity

Posted by Cirque du Soleil on May 23, 2018

Company retreats are popular and for good reason: there’s nothing quite like getting away from your usual workspace to transform your perspective and give your creativity a boost. Here are the keys to organizing a company retreat that will benefit your senior managers.

The concept is simple: gather as a team in a stimulating location to take stock of the company's actions, develop its strategic planning and resolve problems. These “bubbles of reflection” help the members gathered – whether they are leaders, board members or a work team – focus on their mission and build connections with one another. By getting away from their workplace, they maximize their synergy and succeed in sharing a common vision. Ideas spring forth, innovative solutions emerge and motivation is galvanized!

To make a company retreat conducive to generating ideas, you must do the following:

Get away from the workplace

If you stay at the office, you stay stuck in your old ways and your usual context. An off-site locale, far from the conference room and urgent matters to attend to, is a prerequisite for fostering creativity.

Opt for a location that encourages creation

If the context of a retreat is original and innovative, it will nourish creativity that much more. Traditionally, tranquil locations in nature have been used, but it can also be stimulating to go to an unusual urban location.

Indulge in a new activity

Nothing is better than extricating yourself from the daily grind to get out of your comfort zone, use other areas of your brain and, ultimately, see things differently.


By focusing on the company's successes, you stimulate the cohesiveness of team members. If you incorporate a festive activity to reward your teams during the company retreat, you show them your appreciation and foster their involvement.

An urban retreat under the big top

Retreats don’t need to be organized a thousand leagues from the city to meet these criteria! Cirque du Soleil now offers à la carte retreats from a half-day to two days, right under the big tops of its touring shows.

For the two-day formula, Cirque suggests a day of meetings between team members followed by a day of activities and training with Cirque staff. What better way to stimulate creativity than to soak in the methods used by those who have reinvented the art of the circus and become the global benchmarks in the field? The idea is to learn from their ways of working, to draw inspiration from their fun side… and to take your business to the next level!

Learn from the masters of creativity

Cirque du Soleil developed its business workshops by focusing on its key skills. Since Cirque is renowned for its creativity, all proposed themes cover this aspect (e.g.: customer experience, leadership, company culture and talent development). But, you can also enjoy full immersion into the creative side by opting for the theme on innovation and creative processes.

All the workshops focus on the experience: you act, interact, and take ownership of the unconventional infrastructure of the big top. Cirque offers full support for the preparation and roll out of the event as well as tools to translate the ideas generated into elements applicable to your business.

This has been a guest post courtesy of our member Cirque du Soleil. Their show LUZIA comes to Boston June 27 through August 12.