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7 Local Companies to Check Out When Choosing a Wellness Program

Posted by Jennie Pane-Joyce on May 03, 2016

Special guest post by Gabriela Antunes, Marketing Manager at LeanBox. 

You’re a Boston-based company and need to decide on employee wellness benefits.

Where do you start? Do you ask colleagues? Google the options?

The thing is, there are plenty of vendors in the area. Why not consider those?

Here’s a simple breakdown of 7 wellness vendors in Massachusetts to guide your search.

Clear Connector
What it is
A one-stop shop for open enrollment, benefits management, and unique wellness initiatives via cloud. Their goal is to understand your biggest workplace health challenge and increase employee participation to overcome that challenge via social media and gamification. Learn more here.

Looking at employee exercise programs but have no idea where to start? How about a FitBit integration? Smoking programs? No problem. Clear Connector provides a transparent list of the options available to you. If you need help choosing which option fits your wellness goals, they can help with that as well.

How it works
The sign-up process is completely ungated. Anyone can log on and enroll their company or themselves. This is perfect if you are just looking into options and don’t want to hit the purchase button yet. Once you’re ready to give it a go with one of Clear Connector’s services, employers foot the bill.

I was curious to learn what options would be a good fit for a small food start-up like the company I work at so I signed us up. Here’s a walkthrough of the feature prompts:  

Clear Connector is located in the Back Bay.

What it is
A healthy eating rewards program with mobile and web apps. NutriSavings specializes in motivating employees to eat a balanced diet and alleviating chronic illnesses through nutrition. Check out their knowledge base to learn about nutrition, fitness, recipes, and chronic diseases for adults and children.

Their mobile apps are available on both IOS and Android platforms:

How it works
Employees self-enroll via their company-affiliate account, and a loyalty card is auto-generated to track grocery purchases. At a retail check-out, the barcode auto-loads data into the Nutri Savings app for employees to reap their rewards.

NutriSavings syncs with POS/inventory systems at over 1,200 grocery stores all over Massachusetts, so there’s a strong chance your employee’s local grocery store is listed. I noticed Russo’s in Watertown wasn’t listed, so I called the NutriSavings support line to learn how to add my grocery story to the list. All it takes is a call from your human resource manager. Pretty painless!

So who foots the bill for this program? Employers and insurance carriers split the cost of this benefits program so employees can focus on eating healthy and racking up financial rewards.

If you are looking for a way to incentivize healthy eating in your wellness program via financial rewards, they may be a good fit for you. Watch this clip to learn more:

Savory Living
What it is
Proven 10-week healthy eating behavior change online program. Savory Living’s nutritional coaching program helps people learn how to develop a taste for healthy food, eat well “on the go,” and keep up the motivation to keep going. They are based in Brookline, MA.

How it works
Unlike NutriSavings, this nutrition program is open to the public as well as company sponsorship. The program costs less than $35 per week. Companies looking to offer healthy eating as a wellness perk with Savory Living will pass savings on to their employees via a company discount.

The online class component of Savory Living is a weekly program running an hour long and even accessible 24×7 via mobile or web. They also offer personalized nutrition coaching. Watch their video to learn more.

Virgin Pulse
What it is
A health technology company with a mobile app for employees and web platform for HR managers. Virgin Pulse is located in Framingham and is part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group.

The mobile app is available on both IOS and Android platforms. It’s worth checking out customer reviews on the Apple store and Google Play. Here’s what the iphone app interface looks:

The mobile interface on Google Play looks similar

Virgin Pulse employees grab fresh, healthy lunch from a LeanBox, a fridge filled with gourmet, grab and go meals available 24×7.

Plus, they hold a wellness conference called the Thrive Summit. #ThriveSum16 [tweet this].


What it is

An all-in-one wellness solution. They provide wellness coaching and consulting, fitness classes, health education, and a digital, interactive wellness challenge. Looking for wellness resources? Check out their knowledge base or request a demo of their software. Wellable in located in Boston.

How it works
The employee interface of their software enables users to link their personal wellness tech (think Fitbit) to a company-sponsored Wellable account and partake in health challenges with colleges for prizes or pure competitive thrill.

Employers have access to a portal with user data to optimize the success of wellness challenges. The text notification function enables employers to communicate with employees on an opt-in basis to send reminders, health tips, award winners, fitness class schedule, etc. Check out some of their current clients:

Wellness Workdays
What it is
Wellness Workdays is a wellness consulting company based in Hingham, MA.

How it works
They design and deliver worksite wellness programs. Their approach includes assessment, strategy, implementation, and evaluation. Each aspect of their program uses evidence-based conclusions from research in nutrition, fitness, and worksite wellness. Their clients look to WW, “to bring a new level of energy and enthusiasm.

Learn what clients have to say about Wellness Workdays and check out some of the features in their portal:

They also lead an employee wellness conference that grants credits towards some Society for Human Resources Management Certifications.

Me You Health
What it is
Open social IOS mobile apps that help users eat better, lose weight, walk more, and quit smoking. The strength of this wellness program is the use of validated engagement and validated clinical effect. Both of these research tools enable Me You Health to drive high rates of user activity and goal attainment. Consider their line-up of IOS mobile apps:

  • Quitnet to quit smoking
  • WalkaDoo, a fun step tracking IOS mobile app that syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone, Movesapp, and Fitlinxx
  • Daily Challenge and check out their #DailyChallenge tweets
  • Hello200 weight management IOS mobile app. This app has an average 4.5 star rating on the Apple store with happy customers:

Me You Health also developed a web app for HR managers to track and report on employee wellness outcomes in real-time, quarterly, and annually.

How it works
Me You Health enrolls your employees through a custom URL link, who also take a health assessment and choose which mobile solution they want. This enables them and you–the HR manager–to receive real-time feedback on their progress.

Employees can share their status updates with anyone in their social networks
regardless of insurance bureaucracy.