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What we heard: Advice from top Boston women leaders

Posted by Katie Hauser on January 28, 2016

The 2016 Pinnacle Awards, Boston’s top celebration for women in business, surely didn’t disappoint. More than 1,000 women (and men) from across the region gathered to honor eight outstanding female leaders, and pay tribute to the amazing (and increasing) contributions women make to our community.

Honorees spanned private, government, innovation, and non-profit sectors, sharing many tidbits of wisdom and lessons of success. No matter our gender, age, career level, or line of work, there was plenty for attendees to take away. Here is some of the best we heard!

  • “You need to risk rejection” – Vicki Kennedy
  • “As a leader be authentic!” – Katie Lapp
  • “Do things that lend into perspective and advanced learning. Help others. Get involved. Take big swings” – Susan Loconto Penta
  • “There is nothing you can’t achieve” – Katie Lapp
  • “Be brave and spend your life doing your passion” – Sheila Dillon
  • “There’s beauty and power in bringing your whole self to work. It makes a difference” – Stevie DeGroff
  • “Keep your eyes wide open. You never know what will present itself” – Katie Lapp
  • “Remember the world is small. Commit to being one person everywhere” – Susan Loconto Penta
  • “Be authentic. Don’t be someone you’re not” – Katie Lapp
  • “If you really want to do well in your career, you really need to pick something that inspires you”– Sheila Dillon
  • “Remember there will be disappointments. It’s on those moments the greatest opportunities present themselves” – Katie Lapp
  • “It’s important for people to be brave. We have to believe the things we want are possible & declare them“– Sheila Dillon
  • “I am because we are; all I achieve, we achieve” – Jackie Glenn
  • “We shine bright when you shine bright” – Stevie Degroff
  • “Be a woman of substance. Be a woman of achievement” – Vicki Kennedy

The Pinnacle Awards are part of the Chamber’s Women’s Network, connecting 3,000+ women of all career levels across Greater Boston. Regular events include speaker series, monthly networking breakfasts, and so much more. Getting involved is easy.

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