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3 Features Your Office Needs to Modernize

Posted by Lydia Zepeda on April 17, 2019

Today's guest post is from our member, Koncerted LLC. Find out how you can modernize your office and retain top talent within your workplace.

Boston is among the top 5 cities in the world for startup funding, and its world-class schools make it fertile ground for bright, young talent looking to join innovative and growing businesses.  

As well-established companies and burgeoning startups alike compete for some of the country’s best educated and most capable workers, how can a business stand out as a great place to work?

One of the most visible ways a business can convey how much it values its workers is with a clean, modern office space that’s conducive to productivity, communication, and maybe even the occasional happy hour.

Working with a variety of businesses in Boston, we’ve found that three areas can make the biggest impact in turning a basic office space into a high-tech haven where people are excited and motivated to do their best work:

Modern Video Conferencing 

In an age when the average person walks around with a tiny computer in their pocket, no one should have to endure the pain of a bad conference call. There is zero excuse for companies that choose to use antiquated and expensive video conferencing equipment.

New cloud-based systems are far more reliable, flexible, and affordable. They can integrate with new or existing monitors and TVs so that you don’t have to upgrade your equipment every time you want to switch systems.

Clear, uninterrupted video lets you pick up on non-verbal cues, while crisp audio ensures that nothing gets lost in translation.

Meeting Rooms and Lounge Spaces

The best workspaces today anticipate people’s needs and provide an intuitive solution. One of the greatest examples we’ve seen is the Kayak Global Technology HQ in Cambridge.

They have meeting spaces both intimate and large, equipped with branded iPads controlling the room, meeting room scheduling, and easy-to-access charging ports and cables.

Additionally, spaces designed specifically for lounging or social events tells your employees that they’re allowed to take a moment to re-charge, and that the office can be a personally gratifying place to be. We have found that the best collaboration happens during these casual exchanges. 

Designating rooms and open spaces for workers to socialize may also help retain employees. Studies show that people who have good relationships with coworkers tend to be more satisfied at work.

Moreover, Gallup states that this kind of camaraderie may also lead to fewer accidents, better customer service, and higher profits for companies.

Lighting and Shades

Getting the lighting in your office right is trickier than you may think. Simply following OSHA guidelines might technically satisfy requirements, but there’s more to consider than brightness.

Lighting is an individual preference, so whenever possible try to aim for lighting design that gives each employee a degree of control. Overhead lighting combined with desk lamps, wall sconces, or other small lumieres can keep everyone happy and headache-free.

But you should also consider the color temperature of your lights, as research shows a strong preference toward warm or natural light, as opposed to cool lighting.

Leveraging natural light to the fullest extent is a smart strategy because it saves you on electric bills and can improve workers’ sense of well-being.

By integrating these features, you can help turn your office space into an environment that helps attract and retain top talent. 

About Koncerted LLC

Koncerted is a technology integration and low-voltage consulting firm that works with both commercial and residential clients to create environments for work, play, and everything in between. 

Our integration arm helps homeowners and businesses find the tech that meets all their needs, from audio and home theater, to lighting and shades, to security and networks. With a product- agnostic point of view, we’ll integrate new tech into your life and help you understand it completely.

Koncerted’s consulting arm assists property owners and developers in designing and building low-voltage systems for new developments and renovations. From design review to ongoing support, our team of experts ensures an on-budget, on-schedule construction.