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We help our members invest in that talent through comprehensive leadership development offerings designed to connect and grow strong leaders who lead both inside and out of the office. Our leadership development programs offer a unique blend of classroom and experiential learning that allows participants to:

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  • Learn from our region's most influential leaders
  • Think critically about key business, policy and civic issues facing Greater Boston

Transformational DEI Certificate

Overview of Certificate: Fluency in diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical for business success in our increasingly complex and networked worlds, and the urgency has never been more clear.  In a three-module, six-session leadership development series, offered in partnership with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group, participants at any level of their organization will be equipped with actionable tools and techniques to bring back to their workplaces. 

The three modules are broken down into six sessions delivered twice a week over three weeks. Each module will build in complexity, starting with foundational understanding, building to DEI strategy for businesses, and concluding with training on the nuanced aspects of DEI including unconscious bias and microaggressions. Can’t attend all of it? Don’t let that discourage you - start somewhere and join us for one of the modules. We will offer this program at least twice a year – starting summer and fall 2020. 

We encourage more than one person per organization to participate to help increase organizational comfort with and adoption of learnings. A digital certificate will be awarded upon completion of all three modules (a total of six sessions). 

Our summer certificate series is SOLD OUT! Please add your name to our waiting list. We will be announcing our Fall dates soon. Check back here for more details. 


Session Descriptions and Summer Dates

Module 1: DEI Foundation

  • Session 1 - Tuesday July 14, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
  • Session 2 - Friday, July 17, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

This workshop will provide you with a solid DEI base to build upon. At the end of the module, each attendee will walk away with a foundational understanding of basic terms and concepts as well as some simple but effective actions that can be used immediately to positively impact their organization’s inclusion practices. This module is appropriate for those new to the workforce, seasoned executives, and everyone in between.


Module 2:  DEI Strategy

  • Session 1 - Weds, July 22, 2:00 pm -4:00 pm
  • Session 2 - Friday, July 24, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

This workshop takes DEI thinking to the next level. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding around DEI strategy.  In this module, we will discuss the reasons organizations work on DEI, why DEI doesn’t just happen organically, the actions organizations can take that are proven to advance DEI, and how to measure the progress. This session is ideal for someone with foundational understanding of DEI, as well as anyone with strategic responsibilities within their organization.


 Module 3: DEI Nuance

  • Session 1 - Tuesday, July 28, 2:00 pm -4:00 pm
  • Session 2 - Friday, July 31, 10:00 am-12:00 pm

This workshop goes into two of the more nuanced aspects of DEI – unconscious bias and microaggressions. In this session, we will discuss what, how, why, and when these things happen. You will also learn how to mitigate their impact in the workplace and to create a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture. This session is appropriate for anyone interested in becoming a more inclusive colleague and/or leader.


  • Member Rate: $40/module or $100/certificate which includes 3 modules (6 sessions)
  • Government Rate: $40/module or $100/certificate which includes 3 modules (6 sessions)
  • Non Member Rate: $80/module or $200/certificate which includes 3 modules (6 sessions)


Disclaimer: We’ve adapted our Transformational DEI Certificate to be delivered VIRTUALLY with three modules delivered over six two-hour sessions. This summer we're offering it at a reduced fee, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors to ensure accessibility to this important content as we build a more inclusive Boston. Space will be limited. Confirm your registration today!


Who is this program meant for?

  • Professionals looking for more fluency in DEI as well as actionable tools and techniques to bring back to their workplaces. This could be an individual contributor, human resources representative, diversity and inclusion professional, or manager. We encourage more than one person per organization to participate to help increase organizational comfort with and adoption of learnings.

What if I'm brand new to the DEI world and / or already a DEI professional?

  • Join us! We’d love to learn with and from you. We do require you to complete all modules to earn the certificate even if you have previous knowledge.

How often is this certificate being offered?

  • We will offer this program at least twice a year – starting summer and fall 2020. 

How many sessions do I need to attend to receive the certificate?

  • The certificate includes three modules with two sessions each. You must attend each module (total of 6 sessions) to earn the certificate. The same modules will be repeated in the fall.

Can you take the modules separately?

  • You can take the modules separately, but you must attend both sessions in each module. If you’d like to earn the certificate, you must attend all three modules: DEI Foundation, DEI Strategy and DEI Nuance.

What is the certificate?

  • You will be awarded a virtual badge to include on your LinkedIn profile. You can also reference the certificate on your resume.

How will the program be delivered?

  • We will use a password protected Zoom meeting to host all 2020 sessions.

Is there any pre-work?

  • There is no pre-work for the certificate. You may be provided with resources to explore on your own after the session is completed.

I'm interested in this program but not sure how to convince my company/supervisor to invest in it and let me take time off of work to attend - any advice?

  • We have you covered. Check out this sample email you can send to the decision-maker to explain the details and why this is important for you to participate in. 

I want the member rate - how do I become a member of the Chamber?

  • Membership is made on the company level so first check our member directory to see if your company is a member of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.
  • If not, you or someone with decision making abilities should complete an online application and someone from our member services team will reach out.

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