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Women's Network Breakfast: "Wellness in the Workplace" Panel Discussion

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

With ever-increasing demands on their personal and professional lives, women often tiptoe along the line of balance and struggle to maintain peak performance. Now, business leaders are beginning to explore the impact stress has on the mental health of their employees and their productivity.

If we are socialized to believe that emotional and anxious behavior are qualities that cannot be exhibited by successful businesspeople, how then do organizations reconcile encouraging their leaders to be “authentic” and vulnerable? To do so, means to admit that our leaders too struggle with personal challenges, including mental health.

In this discussion, a panel of experts from across business, medicine, and academia join us to explore:

  • How to nurture healthy environments that promote mental wellness 
  • Removing stigma around a prevalent and common health issue
  • Tackling lesser known but equally impactful behaviors that can impact your employees’ emotional wellbeing, like bullying.

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Sponsored by

Omni Parker House, Rooftop Ballroom 60 School Street
Boston, MA 02108
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