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Gender Acumen and Inclusion Workshop

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Inclusive cultures are widely accepted as fundamental drivers of innovation, productivity, market success and profitability. In this webinar, participants will gain foundational knowledge about gender inequity and tangible strategies for building more inclusive organizations.

This webinar begins with the present COVID-19 pandemic, asking the questions: Have men and women experienced the pandemic differently? What gendered leadership behaviors worked, how, and why? What changes have we adopted that could lead to advances toward more inclusive cultures as we return to our re-imagined workplaces?  

We will then focus on the individual and the ubiquitous human phenomenon of bias. Participants will take a basic bias assessment test and learn about the research-grounded realities of gender bias in the work place.

Finally, we will consider organizational culture as a lever for positive advances in gender equity and make commitments to put heightened gender acumen into immediate action. At the end of this session, you will have the requisite research, terminology and concepts upon which to make change at your organization. All in for Advancement participants will also have the foundation on which to build your inclusion seed projects.

This webinar is an event of our Women’s Network. Our Women’s Network isn’t a club you join, but a place where you belong - you'll find a diverse group of more than 1,500 (and growing) women and male allies at all levels of their careers, from all backgrounds, sectors, industries, and professions, with energy for ensuring that Greater Boston becomes the best place for professional women to thrive. All identities welcomed and encouraged to attend.

This webinar is also part of our All in for Advancement Program, a new year-long, custom group leadership program designed to support organizations as they shape and shift their culture towards gender equity and inclusivity. We are currently accepting inquiries to join our 2020 cohort which will formally restart in the fall.

 This session is FREE to members and non-members, but registration is required.


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