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City Awake: Words of Wisdom Dinner ft. Michael Oxton, Rob Burns, & Mike O’Mara, Night Shift Brewing

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Night Shift Brewery’s founders Michal Oxton, Rob Burns and Mike O’Mara are great examples of entrepreneurial hard work and success. The three founders and friends spontaneously decided to leave their day jobs to focus on the brewery, which went from employing themselves to employing over 200 people. When the trio isn’t busy growing their business, they can be individually found either volunteering, outdoors, or flying up in the sky via private plane.

In our January Word of Wisdom Dinner, Michael, Rob, and Mike will share the story behind their entrepreneurial experience and the importance of the opportunities and challenges that shaped their success.

What are our Words of Wisdom Dinners?

Words of Wisdom Dinners are a complement to our Lunches on Leadership. In this series, a very senior leader joins a small group of young professionals for a conversation about incredible milestones we’ve observed in their career. We pick their brain on highs and lows, and leave plenty of time for questions.