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Statement from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on the 2016 Presidential Election

November 09, 2016

Statement from James E. Rooney, President & CEO, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

"The people of the United States have spoken through our democratic process and now it’s time, as is our tradition, to embrace the results and move forward as one nation. We now know that Donald Trump will be our country’s 45th President. It has been a long and divisive election season. One clear message of this election is that our citizenry has lost confidence in government’s ability to get things done and grow our economy for all, perhaps more than we collectively understood. I see this as a moment of opportunity for the business community to step up, provide some leadership and partner with government at all levels. Now is the time for real conversations, without the campaign rhetoric, about important issues like deficit reduction, job creation, trade agreements, immigration policy and transportation infrastructure investment. At the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, it is our intent that we play a major role in moving the dialogue forward, with the goal of continued economic success for the businesses and the people of Boston and Massachusetts."