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Statement from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Ballot Question 4

October 17, 2016

Statement from James E. Rooney, President & CEO, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Today the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce announces its opposition to ballot Question 4 which proposes the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. Please see below for the official statement.

“The case against Question 4 is a compelling one on many levels, starting with the broad public health concerns raised by elected officials. The bill is drafted with the wants of the marijuana industry placed before the needs and safety of our communities, including the business community. Some factors weighed in our decision to oppose Question 4 include the dangerously high levels of THC permitted by this proposed bill along with the new ways the drug is being packaged and marketed; the lack of strong local control that would allow communities to decide what and how many recreational marijuana stores can open in a given city or town; and the extremely low tax rates proposed by the bill that could actually lead to state revenue losses after the necessary investment in regulation and oversight of this new industry. Regardless of whether or not you believe an individual should be permitted to grow and consume recreational marijuana, this bill is not the right way to start a new and complicated industry in Massachusetts. For all of these reasons and more, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is opposed to Ballot Question 4.”