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Chamber Statement: In Solidarity with Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies

September 15, 2020

On Saturday, two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies were shot multiple times while they sat in their squad car. The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is standing in solidarity with the law enforcement community and Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies as they process and recover from this terrible attack.  We are sending strength to their families during this impossibly difficult time.  Although there is substantial pain and tension in American cities right now, there is no excuse for the senseless and cowardly violence inflicted on these officers.  

As the Chamber has said in previous statements, the violence and injustice must stop!Targeting police officers creates more pain and drives a deeper wedge between communities of color and police officers. We remain committed to dismantling systemic racism. We must be capable of simultaneously advocating for the safety and health of officers and the Black community. This is not a political statement, but a call to action. It is time for unity, not division. It is time for peace, not violence.  Our future requires better of all of us.

James E. Rooney

President & CEO